What is alert 8024?


A remote server wants to send a message larger than that which is allowed for this user. Because both GMS and the remote server are using ESMTP, they have compared the size of the message and rejected it prior to the message body being sent over the network. This process has saved using a large amount of bandwidth un-necessarily. The maximum message size limit is set in the user’s current profile.

In this case, session Undefined was receiving a message from the server at Undefined apparently from Undefined to Undefined. The message was rejected with the SMTP message


because it was going to be Undefined bytes long but the maximum message size for this account is Undefined bytes.

If this user needs to receive this message, you will either

  1. Change the maximum message size in the profile.
  2. Assign a different profile to this user which allows them a larger message size limit; or
  3. Clone the current profile, change the maximum message size and transfer this user into the cloned profile.

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