What is alert 8021?


GMS Anti-Spam AI check has identified possible spam and temporarily or completely stopped the email message. The AI check monitors the loading of the server for all email from each IP address. When the number of messages delivered from the IP address exceeds the average * a multiplier, the requested action is automatically taken. The action may be to either reject the additional messages or temporarily reject messages (allowing delivery the following day). By rejecting the message at the RCPT clause, GMS is saving considerable network bandwidth because the message body has not been sent over the network.

In this case, session Undefined was receiving email from the mail server at the IP address Undefined. The email is apparently from Undefined to #4#. Since the IP address check was activated the attempt to send the message was rejected with


So far, GMS has received Undefined messages from Undefined when the maximum allowed is Undefined.

If you wish to accept this email, you will need to either

  • change the settings for the IP AI filter; or
  • ask the remote server or client’s owner to stop sending email inappropriately.

The system variables that control the AI check are "AIIPRequiredSamples", "AIIPAverageMultiplier", "AIIPRunningAverageMin", and "AIIPCheckActive" while the response message is in "AIIPFailureMes".

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Keywords:AI filter check anti-spam load monitor AIIPRequiredSamples AIIPAverageMultiplier AIIPRunningAverageMin AIIPCheckActive

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