What is alert 8015?


GMS was in the process of receiving a message from a remote mail server or mail client and the anti-spam feature was activated. GMS Anti-Spam took the domain name of the email address that the message claims to come from and did an MX lookup on it. A successful MX lookup means that it is possible to send email to the address. The MX resolution failed so GMS will fail or temporarily reject the incoming message. By rejecting the message at the MAIL clause, GMS is saving considerable network bandwidth because the message body has not been sent over the network.

In this case session Undefined has received a connection from the mail client at Undefined and is trying to send email apparently from Undefined. The mail client or remote server said


and GMS responded with


To resolve this issue you will need check the domain that the message claims to come from. If the domain is correct, then contact the owner of the domain and ask them to correct their DNS records.

The global variable "VerifyIncoming" indicates whether this check should be applied and the message returned is stored in "VeriftyIncomingMes".

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