What is alert 8012?


GMS was in the process of receiving a message from a remote mail server using Enhanced SMTP (ESMTP) but found that the message would be too large for delivery because there is not enough disk space available. Therefore the message has been rejected. By using ESMTP, GMS has dramatically reduced the amount of bandwidth required since there is no longer any need to transfer the message to find out how large it would be.

In this case, session Undefined received a connection from the message server at Undefined to accept a message apparently from Undefined. The MAIL command was


and GMS responded with


. The message is Undefined bytes long which is greater than the available disk space so a temporary failure has been issued to the remote server:


To resolve this issue you will need to increase the amount of disk space by deleting some files (e.g. mail folders, logs, etc.). As soon as disk space is made available, email will start to be accepted again.

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