What is alert 8010?


GMS is in the process of receiving a message from a remote mail server using Enhanced SMTP (ESMTP). ESMTP allows the receiving system to verify that the message is acceptable before the message itself is transferred. This process means that GMS can dramatically reduce the amount of bandwidth required using standard SMTP. The remote system wishes to send a message which is too large so GMS has rejected it.

In this case, session Undefined received a connection from the message server at Undefined to accept a message apparently from Undefined. The message is Undefined bytes long which is greater than the maximum defined by the administrator of GMS so it has been rejected with


To resolve this issue you will need to increase the ESMTP SIZE option. These parameters are defined on a global basis in the variable SMTPSize. The maximum size of message you want your mail server to accept can be set in Kb under the Incoming > ESMTP page. The default is to allow messages up to 20Mb in size.

Note: If a sending server does not use ESMTP or does not specify the size of the message it is attempting to transfer the complete message has to be accepted before the size can be determined.

Messages can still be rejected at this stage using the standard message size settings available within User Profiles.

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