What is alert 8008?


GMS Anti-Spam ran a DNS based Black List (DNSBL) check on the system which is trying to send a message to it. The DNSBL service indicated that messages from this server are not acceptable so GMS has refused the message from the server. By rejecting the message at this stage, GMS is saving considerable network bandwidth because the message body has not been sent over the network.

In this case, session Undefined is processing a connection from the IP address Undefined which just issued the command


GMS responded with


To resolve this issue you have several options

  1. Stop using this DNSBL service.
  2. Contact the managers of the DNSBL service and ask them to resolve the issue.
  3. contact the owner of the remote system and ask them to remove themselves from the DNSBL list;
  4. Add the IP address directly to the IPs allowed option in GMS.

The message that is returned is held in the global variable "DNSBLServerMes".

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