What is alert 8006?


A remote system or client has connected to GMS in order to send an email message. GMS Anti-Spam has checked the name that the system is claiming to be and compared it with the actual IP address of the server that connected. Since these details do not match, GMS sent an error message to the remote server and disconnected from it.

In this case, session Undefined received a connection from the IP address Undefined which issued the EHLO command:


GMS rejected the connection with the response


To resolve this issue, you will need to either

  • change the rule for verifying hostnames; or
  • ask the owner of the system at Undefined to upgrade their software or fix the DNS.

These parameters are held in the global variables VerifyHostname and VerifyHostnameMes. These can be set from the GMS Anti-Spam > Identity > Machine Name page in the GUI.

There are many mail servers on the Internet that have mis configured reverse lookups in DNS, to ensure that you do not mistakenly block mail from a legitimate server you may wish to select the option "Use raw IP address in logs", this will ensure that you record the correct IP of the connecting server while not refusing any potentially legitimate connections.

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