What is alert 8005?


A remote system or client has connected to GMS in order to send an email message. GMS Anti-Spam checked the remote server’s IP address and discovered that the administrator has configured GMS to reject email from this address. The attempt to deliver email from this IP address was not accepted and GMS returned an error and then disconnected from the remote system.

In this case, session Undefined received a connection from the IP address Undefined which issued the EHLO command:


GMS rejected the connection with the response


To resolve this issue, you will need to change the list of IP addresses that are not allowed to send email to this server. These parameters are held in the global variables IPAllowed as a space separated, IP address list and response returned is in IPAllowedMes. These can be set via the GUI from the GMS Anti-Spam > Connect > Banned Hosts page.

When using this option it is important that the first entry in the list is a "*" to allow all IP addresses, and specific IP adresses (or address ranges) are banned by putting the "!" character in front of the IP, e.g. ! to ban the IP

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