What is alert 8000?


A mail client has connected to the SMTP server in order to send an email message. The mail client is allowed to send one or more email messages because the mail client has already logged in to the POP or IMAP server successfully. The mail client must send email within a given time period after it authenticated (the default is 30 minutes).

In this case the mail client from the IP address Undefined logged in (session Undefined) and can now send email.

By default the authentication lasts for a period of 3600 seconds (1 hour) which means that the user can continue to send mail through the server for that period without the need to log back into the POP or IMAP services. The default period can be altered from the GMS Anti-Spam > Connect > Authenticate page. Changing the setting from this page sets the variable "POPAuthSMTPTime".

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