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Using WorkgroupMail as the OfficeTalk mail server


WorkgroupMail is a fully specified mail server product that can supplement OfficeTalk with the following features:-

  • Spam Filtering (manually configured or subscription based)
  • Virus scanning of emails (subscription service)
  • Content Filtering
  • Message Archiving
  • Reduces OfficeTalk’s email management overheads

When you purchase or upgrade to OfficeTalk v4.5 or later you will automatically be issued with a WorkgroupMail licence key for the same number of users as you have purchased for OfficeTalk.

More Info

This procedure assumes that OfficeTalk has already been set up with a mail service connected to an ISP. For further details on configuring ‘Mail Services’ please see ‘Supervisor Mode >> Administering Mail Service’ in the OfficeTalk help.

Download the latest release of WorkgroupMail from Here.


Install WorkgroupMail on a computer that will act as the (Workgroup) mail server. It is recommend but not essential to install WorkgroupMail on the OfficeTalk gateway machine. For help during the WorkgroupMail setup, refer to the Step by Step Guide on the Welcome screen.

Choose to install WorkgroupMail as a Windows service using the Local System account. If you collect your mail by POP3 then choose the Standard ISP based mail server option; otherwise choose the standalone mailserver option.

When setup is complete, choose to start the mail server and to open the Administrator. You will need to create a user account in WorkgroupMail for every user you have in OfficeTalk. Click on the New User button to add a user. We recommend you use the same account names in WorkgroupMail as in OfficeTalk. For each user account, note the username and password that will be required to allow the OfficeTalk account to connect to the WorkgroupMail account. You must specify at least one e-mail address for each user; this should correspond to their address in OfficeTalk. Please see the Configuring WorkgroupMail >> Users >> Adding a New User Manually section in the Help guide.

WorkgroupMail has been configured to send and receive e-mail for your users. You must now configure each OfficeTalk user account to connect to the corresponding WorkgroupMail account.

Open OfficeTalk on the gateway machine and go into supervisor mode.

Edit the existing Mail Service and select the address tab. This should be the same as the domain name entered into WorkgroupMail.

Select the Host tab and check that the machine is configured as a gateway machine. Enter into the ‘send server address’ and the ‘receive server address’ the name or IP address of the computer running WorkgroupMail. If you run WorkgoupMail server on the same computer as the Officetalk gateway you may use ‘localhost’ or the address

Click on the Users tab, select a user account and click Settings. Click on the POP3 tab and in the ‘Login Name’ textbox, enter the corresponding WorkgroupMail account name. Enter their password in the ‘password’ box.

Click OK and repeat for the other users.

For a standard ISP based configuration, WorkgroupMail will download messages from the ISP and sort them into the user accounts. The OfficeTalk gateway will then connect to WorkgroupMail and collect the e-mails, moving them from the WorkgroupMail server into OfficeTalk. Messages sent from OfficeTalk clients to external recipients, will pass to WorkgroupMail which will then route the messages onwards. As WorkgroupMail is the centralized resource for sending and receiving mail, any message processing such as Spam Filtering, Virus Checking or Content Filtering, will be applied to all incoming and outgoing email messages.

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