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How to Restore an OfficeTalk ASA Database After a Hard-Disk Failure


You have recovered from a hard disk/computer failure and wish to restore your OfficeTalk ASA database from your back-up This FAQ assumes that you have backed-up your OfficeTalk database as described in the FAQ, How do I make a backup of my ASA database whilst it is in use?

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This FAQ only applies to the computer hosting the OfficeTalk database. OfficeTalk client computers can be restored by simply running the setup program located in the C:otalksetup32 folder on the OfficeTalk server. IMPORTANT: This article contains information about editing the registry. Before you edit the registry, make sure you understand how to restore it if a problem occurs.


If necessary re-install/restore the operating system on the OfficeTalk server computer. Then re-install OfficeTalk; you must reinstall the full OfficeTalk setup as downloaded from the downloads section of our website. Install OfficeTalk choosing to install to a Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere database platform when asked. Once setup has completed, stop the ASA database server by using the Services applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools). Stop the service named ?Adaptive Server Anywhere ? OfficeTalk? Restore your otsqldb.db or otsqldbv4.db file from your back-up medium to the computer’s hard-disk. This file typically exists in %systemdrive%Otalk but can exist in any location provided the ASA service has permission to access it. Note: do not allow the service to access the database from a network drive as mapped drives will not be available when the ASA server starts. Using the Windows registry editor expand the following key:


You will find that the parameter value key is similar to: -m -c 512M -gn 20 -n OTDBRIOTDB “C:databasestempotsqldb.db” In the above example, C:databasestempotsqldb.db is the database location. Edit this value so that the part in quotes points to your OfficeTalk ASA database. Restart the ASA database server by using the Services applet in Control Panel (Administrative Tools). Start the service named ?Adaptive Server Anywhere ? OfficeTalk? If the service does not start, then refer to the FAQ:The ‘Adaptive Server Anywhere – OfficeTalk’ Service Does not Start’ Open OfficeTalk on the server computer and check that the data is that of your OfficeTalk installation before the failure. If this particular computer was previously acting as the OfficeTalk gateway computer, then you will need to enable this setting. In Supervisor mode, expand mail services, double-click on your mail service and select the host tab. Click the “Gateway machine” radio button. You will then need to enter the address of your SMTP server and POP3 server in their respective textboxes. It should not be necessary to reinstall your clients as the database server location should not have changed. You should now be able to use OfficeTalk as before

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