How to Install OTWeb for OfficeTalk

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If required, OTweb should be installed on the OfficeTalk server computer. In the case of ASA, this is also the computer that will host the database server. In all cases it will be the computer that maintains the OfficeTalk client setup.


Before you install OT web, you must check that IIS is installed and running. In Control Panel, run the Add/Remove Programs applet and click on Windows Components. If the IIS option is not selected, please do this now. Next, check that the Microsoft .net Framework is installed. In the case of Windows 2003 Server this can be selected from Add/Remove Programs, but for Windows XP computers this will need to be installed from a separate download.

Run the OfficeTalk setup. On the install Options page, select Custom and click Next. Set the “OfficeTalk Intranet ASP Pages” checkbox and click Next to continue setup as normal. After OfficeTalk has installed, navigate to http://localhost/officetalk/; you should then be able to log into the web based version of OfficeTalk.

If, after installing OTWeb, you find that you can access the log-in page but cannot log in then please navigate to %windir%system32, right-click on otapi.dll, select security and set full control permissions for the following Users:

ASP.NET Machine Account (ComputerASPNET) — Windows 2000/2003/XP non Domain Controllers only
IIS_WPG (domainIIS_WPG) — All computers
Internet Guest Account (ComputerIUSR_computer) — All computers
Launch IIS Process Account (ComputerIWAM_computer) — All computers

Repeat this procedure with OTAPIRes.dll

Restart IIS by clicking start >> Run and typing IISRESET /RESTART

You should now be able to log into OTWeb.

To navigate to the OTWeb pages on other computers navigate to: http://SERVER/officetalk/ where SERVER is the FQDN, NetBIOS hostname or IP address of the computer on which you installed OTWeb.

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