Cloud vs. Traditional Deployments

There are many factors that a business must consider when deciding if a cloud-based solution will provide advantages. And with the rapid growth of Software as a Service, it’s a decision that more and more businesses are going to be making. Is a cloud solution better than an on-premise solution? The truth is, it depends.

Cloud solutions are faster to implement, leveraging a ready-made platform that has already been provisioned and tested by the vendor; it takes less time, personnel and expertise to set up a new environment, and there is no need to purchase any additional hardware or software. Eliminating hardware procurement also makes IT spend more predictable. With a cloud-based subscription, the contracting organization pays only for operating expense, which is likely rolled into the licensing agreement. The length of your service term typically determines the subscription fees. Any surprise costs or maintenance expenditures become the obligation of the cloud provider.

SaaS solutions are also less disruptive for users. Compared to in-house IT, cloud providers likely have more built-in redundancy, more fail-over protection and increased capability to make upgrades and updates more seamless. This means you are more capable of focusing on your business,

Cloud solutions simply provide more flexibility that traditional on-premise deployments; they are more easily scalable, meaning that your usage can seamlessly grow alongside your business. But crucially, cloud services are easier to access from wherever you might be.  The difficulties of trying to connect to an on-premises solution remotely (navigating through VPNs, firewalls, intranets, etc.) disappear when working in a cloud environment; an Internet connection and browser are typically all that’s needed to connect to the application. Such convenience lends itself to increased efficiency. As mobile workforces and telecommuting increase in popularity, using SaaS solutions is a straightforward tactic to keep mobile workers connected and productive.

With GMS, the question of whether to go On Premise or Cloud is an easier one: GMS Cloud is the evolution of the same email solution we started with twenty years ago. You get the many benefits of an in house GMS solution, along with the benefits of a cloud solution. We also help to migrate your data to the cloud, free of charge, and with free support for the duration of your trial of GMS Cloud, ensuring that the solution works for you and the needs of your organisation should be painless.

That question of whether to choose a cloud solution over a more traditional deployment is a tricky one to answer, and ultimately still comes down to the needs and requirements of your organisation. With 2017 looming on the horizon, perhaps it is the right time to consider a new approach. With GMS, we can help you take those important first steps into the Cloud.

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