I have evaluated Softalk Mail Server v8 and now need to restore my WorkgroupMail v7 installation

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You have evaluated Softalk Mail Server v8 and wish to revert back to WorkgroupMail v7, or
You have installed Softalk Mail Server v8 in error.

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Unless you take the specific actions specified below, reverting from v8 back to v7 will lose all messages received since the upgrade and and that are currently held in the server.


  1. If your clients use POP3 to download mail from the Softalk Mail Server server, get all clients to connect and download their mail. If your clients are configured to use IMAP, get each client to move their messages from the server to one or more local folders. Check the Outgoing Queue to ensure that all sent messages have been sent.
  2. Backup the Softalk Mail Server v8 database file. This is called SCS.mdb and by default can be found in the folder C:Program FilesCommon FilesSoftalkData. Alternatively it can be found in the data folder specified when Softalk Mail Server v8 was set up.
  3. Uninstall Softalk Mail Server v8 using the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel.
  4. If a backup was taken of the WorkgroupMail v7 data folder before upgrading to Softalk Mail Server v8, restore this folder. Alternatively, rename all files in the WorkgroupMail data folder to *.dat and rename all message files (files with name of format tmp123.v7) in the message folders to have a *.eml extension. The message folders within the data folder to which this applies are RcvdMsgs, SentMsgs, Quarantines, PendingMailings, ArchivedRXMsgs and ArchivedTXMsgs and any sub folders.
  5. Re-install the latest release of WorkgroupMail v7. This can be downloaded from here. During setup, choose the data folder to be where the original WorkgroupMail v7 data folder exists.

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