How do you recover the WorkgroupMail v7 configuration from a backup?

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How do you backup Workgroupmail v7 message data?


To restore the WorkgroupMail configuration, you would first need to have a backup of the *.dat configuration files. These files are located within the WorkgroupMail data folder. The most important of these is the wmdata.dat file, which contains all of the user accounts, ISP accounts and general settings. Other dat files relate to plug-ins or various non-essential functions.

The latest program files can always be downloaded from our website. It may be wise to keep a copy of the last version of the WorkgroupMail setup file that was downloaded.

Should you need to recover your installation, you must first re-create the Workgroupmail installation path and data folder path and place the dat files in this prior to installing. When running WorkgroupMail setup you will need to specify the installation and data folders created above. Setup will detect the settings and import them into the program.

Alternatively, you could re-install the product and then copy in the backed up dat files and message files, although this will involve going through the complete setup process and is more prone to errors

When the re-installation is complete, start the Administrator to check the settings and then start the server program.

Note With WorkgroupMail v6 the *.dat files must be placed directly into the WorkgroupMail installation folder as there is no separate data folder

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