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How do I Restore Softalk Collaboration Suite using my Backup?


To restore from a backup of your Softalk Collaboration Suite data and settings you need to do the following:

  1. Restore any files that have been backed up
  2. Re-create the SoftalkCollaborationSuite data source
  3. Re-install the software
  4. Check configuration has been maintained
  5. Update the server address at the client computers if this has changed. This will be the POP3, IMAP, SMTP and LDAP server addresses for WorkgroupMail, the WorkgroupShare Server Address for WorkgroupShare and the URL for Softalk Organizer. You may also need to update any router and firewall configuration as appropriate for your network.


To restore your system you must first restore the folders you have backed up. When restoring data folders they must be restored so that the path to their contents is the same as it was on the original machine otherwise the links stored in the database file will no longer point to the files in question.

Then restore the database from backup. If you are using a SQL Server on another machine and this is working correctly there is no need to restore the database.

Once you have restored the database and the data folders you need to re-create the Softalk Collaboration Suite DSN.

If you are running Softalk Collaboration Suite you must first install the Softalk Collaboration Suite download and then update the products to the latest version if updated versions are available.

If you have licensed the products individually or only run one product then you may download and install the latest version of that product directly from the download page for that product.

Go into the Administrator for each product and confirm that the users and settings have been picked up by the upgrade process and are displaying as expected.

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