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How do I Backup my Softalk Collaboration Suite Settings and Data?

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The Softalk Collaboration Suite components store their settings in a database. This is either a JET (mdb file) or a SQL Server database. They may also store some data in the filesystem as files referenced from this database.


This FAQ applies to all components in the Softalk Collaboration Suite (SCS) these are:

  • WorkgroupMail v8
  • WorkgroupShare v2
  • Softalk Organizer v1

These products share a common data platform allowing them to integrate to form the Softalk Collaboration Suite. This means that if you use more than one of these programs you may need to consider the other components when considering backup and restore.


What needs to be backed up?

If you use a SQL Server database as your data store then you should backup the SQL Server database. Normally this includes all the data stored in Softalk Collaboration Suite although you may also need to back up some files too.

If you are using a JET database then you will need to backup the Jet database file and the contents of the data folders for the products you have installed.

FAQ: How do I find out which type of Database my Softalk Collaboration Suite server is using?

FAQ: How do I identify where my JET database file is being stored?

Do I have data stored in the filesystem that I need to backup?

if any of the statements below apply to you then you need to backup the contents of the data folders belonging to the Softalk Collaboration Suite components you have installed. If you have changed the location of these folders you will also need to back up the previous locations.

  • You are using a JET database
  • You are using a SQL database and have, or have previously had the blobsAsReferences registry key set. (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESoftalkCommonDatablobsAsReferences)
  • You are using a SQL database that has been upgraded from JET.

I have data in the file sytem, which folders do I need to backup?

For WorkgroupMail this folder is pointed to by the dataFolder registry key at

For WorkgroupShare this folder is pointed to by the dataFolder registry key at

For Softalk Organizer this folder is pointed to be the dataFolder registry key at

Refer to the following FAQ to download a script that will identify this information for you. FAQ: How can I find details about the Softalk Collaboration Suite Database Type and Data File locations?

If you have previously used different data folders then these may also need to be included in the backup as when you change the data folder location the files are not moved into the new location automatically.

If you are not familiar with using the Regedit utility please save the attached script and run it, it should tell you the values of the above registry keys if they exist.

Once you have identified the folders you need to backup ensure you keep a record of their full path including the drive letter as they will need to be restored to the same location if you later need to restore from the backup.

If you receive errors about files being locked, open or that they have changed while being backed up you should stop the Softalk Collaboration Suite compenents before the backup takes place. See FAQ: How do I prevent file access errors during the backup of my Softalk Collaboration Suite data?.

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