How do I recover e-mails from a user account that I have just deleted?

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A user account has been deleted in error and the email messages for that user need to be recovered.


Re-creating the user account will not recover the lost e-mails as it will generate a completely new mailbox folder.

The mailbox for this user may still be intact. Browse, using Windows Explorer, to the \RcvdMsgs folder in the WorkgroupMail data directory. This will contain a mailbox folder for each user account and possibly an extra one for your deleted user.

There is no easy way to identify which mailbox folder belongs to which user. Using each mailbox in turn, look for a number of messages that exist in one and that are not displayed in the Administrator program. Then open one of the messages using Notepad (Shift right click and choose Open with…Notepad). Look at the header to confirm that the message was sent to the deleted user.

When you are sure that you have identified the folder, move the files to another mailbox folder to enable them to be visible in the Administrator and to be downloaded to another users’ mail client. (NB You will have to locate the correct destination user account either by the same means or by trial and error – moving the messages into another mailbox folder and
seeing who the Administrator reports as the recipient).

If you had been using the free optional Message Archiver plug-in then copies of these messages would be available in the archive. To import the Message Archiver plug-in click File, Import plug-in… and browse to the file C:\Program Files\WorkgroupMail\messagelog.dll.

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