How do I configure an Outlook XP POP3 client to work with WorkgroupMail?

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An Outlook XP client must be configured to connect to WorkgroupMail using the POP3 protocol.


Open Outlook XP and configure the mail account as follows

  1. On the manu bar in Outlook XP click Tools, E-mail Accounts. The E-mail Accounts dialog box will be displayed.
  2. Select View or Change Existing E-mail Accounts.
  3. Remove any accounts in the list that you will no longer be using (most likely all).
  4. Click the Add… button.
  5. Select the POP3 radio button and press Next.
  6. The Internet E-mail Settings (POP3) page is displayed. Enter your name and e-mail address into the appropriate fields.
  7. In the Incoming mail server (POP3) and the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) fields, enter the IP address of the computer which runs WorkgroupMail.
  8. In the Username and Password fields, enter the Local account name and Local password of the user whose mail client you are configuring. (You can find this information for a particular user by selecting that user in the left-hand window of the WorkgroupMail Administrator and viewing the relevant information in the right-hand window).
  9. Ensure that the Logon using secure password authentication tick box is not ticked.
  10. Click Next and then click Finish. You are now ready to send and receive mail using Outlook XP.

If necessary, the option ‘My server requires authentication’ can be selected by editing the POP3 mail account properties. The authentication details should be the same settings as the incoming mail server. NB WorkgroupMail must be configured to ‘Allow SMTP client authentication’. In the Administrator double click Settings and select the Advanced tab.

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