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How do I configure an Outlook 2003 IMAP client to work with Softalk Mail Server?


An Outlook 2003 client must be configured to connect to Softalk Mail Server using the IMAP protocol.


Open Outlook 2003 and configure the mail account as follows

  1. Select Tools, Accounts from the menu bar in Outlook.
  2. In the Email Accounts wizard, select the Add a new Email Account radio button. Press Next.
  3. In the Server type page, select IMAP. Press Next to go to the Internet Email Settings page.
  4. In the Account Name and Password fields, enter the Local account name and Local password of the user whose mail client you are configuring. You can find out the Local account name and Local password for a particular user by selecting that user in the left-hand window of the Softalk Mail Server Administrator and viewing the relevant information in the right-hand window. Ensure that the Logon using secure password authentication tick box is not ticked and click Next.

The option ‘My server requires authentication’ can be set by editing the IMAP mail account properties and selecting the Servers tab. The authentication settings should be the same settings as the incoming mail server. (NB. Softalk Mail Server must be configured to ‘Allow SMTP client authentication’ in the Administrator – Settings, Advanced).

The new Outlook mail account will be displayed alongside Outlook Today. By default it will contain an Inbox, Drafts and Sent Items folder. These folders exist on the mail server and can be viewed from other IMAP computers on your network that use the same account details. You can create additional personal folders in which to file your emails and these will also exist on the mail server.

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