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Can I setup one or more aliases for a user?


A single user must be configured with more than one email address such as, for example,

  • bill.smith@domain.com
  • bill@domain.com
  • sales@domain.com



Yes, it is possible to set up multiple email addresses for a user and there are two ways of doing this.

  • Edit the user’s account properties and click on the Addresses tab. Click Add and enter a new email address that will be associated with this user. Repeat this for each email address that you wish to add. This can be used for other representations of a users name and could include common mis-spellings of the name. Or,
  • Create a virtual mailbox and set it to forward to the user. In the Administrator right click on Virtual Mailboxes and click New Virtual Mailbox. Complete the wizard by setting up the email address and configuring it to forward to a user account. This would generally be used for alias addresses that are not necessarily related to a particular person, such as function based addresses like sales@… or support@… Messages received for these addresses will be delivered to the mailbox of the specificed user. The user responsible for receiving these messages can be quickly changed by simply editing the virtual mailbox.

Any number of alias addresses and virtual mailboxes can be created, irrespective of the number of registered users.

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