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Unable to view login page after installing Softalk Organizer


Having installed Softalk Organizer, when you subsequently try to view the login page the server reports “Directory Listing Denied. This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.”.


The reason for this is that when Setup asks if you want to log into Softalk Organizer and you select YES, Setup browses to http://localhost/organizer. It assumes that default.aspx is listed in the default documents list of IIS. If this is not the case, then IIS will think that you are trying to browse a virtual directory, rather than the default.aspx start page for Softalk Organizer.


Open the ‘Internet Information Services’ administration tool in Control Panel (Administrative Tools) and expand the local computer, Web Sites and Default Web Site to locate the Organizer virtual directory.

Right click on the Softalk Organizer virtual directory to show the properties. Select the Documents tab, press the Add… button and enter default.aspx into the edit box and press OK to save your changes. Then refresh the page and it should this time pick up the default.aspx page.

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