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How do I modify my Softalk Organizer shortcut to log me straight in?


When starting Softalk Organizer you must enter the username and password. If security is not an issue then it would be convenient if Softalk Organizer remembered the user details.


It is possible to start Softalk Organizer by passing the username and password to it as arguments.

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Note that this will bypass the security that is normally imposed by the Softalk Organizer password authentication. You should not specify a password that is used anywhere else and that could give another person access to other systems or information. You should not specify a blank password on the server for any account, as this will grant access to any person from any computer connected to the network.


For each client that wants this feature, make a copy of the Softalk Organizer shortcut and alter the new shortcut to point to a url that specifies the username and password, as below.


In the folder C:Program FilesSoftalk Organizer, make a copy of the shortcut file “SoftalkOrganizer Internet Shortcut” and modify the name of the copy. Edit the new shortcut to point to the url above, substituting the correct server name, user name and user password as required. (Note, your shortcut may point to a file called default.aspx instead of the organizer.aspx file specified above). You will now have a new link that will log straight into the specified users account. The original shortcut can be used by other users of the computer. You will need to add a link to the new shortcut to the desktop or the start menu so that the regular user has easy access to it.

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