The All New GMS

Posted on 29th June 2016 Under Brand, Cloud, GMS, Web

New release, new website, new GMS.

Welcome to the new GMS website. Have a look around, get a feel for the place. We think you’ll like it here. It’s brand new, and it’s not the only thing. We’ve done some restructuring. Made some changes. Notably to our name. GMS:

Gordano Messaging Services

Still in the email business after all these years, but adapting and growing as the messaging space continues to change.

And now, you can get GMS in three different flavours:

GMS On Premise  – Our On Premise solution. The descendant of our very first mail server solution from way back in 1994. It’s got plenty of features and comes with support and upgrades. It’s what you want if you want to manage your own email service in-house. And soon, there will document storage, instant messaging and more to further enhance the package.

GMS Cloud – Software as a Service with the focus on service. We want to help you take your first steps into the cloud. We want to make sure you have everything you need to manage your business effectively, whilst we manage your critical email communications. Soon we will also be offering document storage as an alternative to Drive, as well as a contact management and Webspace app. We have also partnered with large scale service providers to deliver cloud email services to communities all across the world.

GMS Lite – Ideal for smaller organisations. Straight up – mail only. Optimised for Outlook. It’s the low-cost resource friendly solution for up to 25, and unlike the On Premise or Cloud variants, this is available as a one-time cost. Perpetually licensed software with the option of support and upgrades. Just like the good old days.

And accompanying these new product variants, we are also pleased to announce a new release, improving GMS further. This new release boasts CalDav/CardDav capability, a new Collaboration plugin for Outlook, support for Office 2016, as well as a brand new webmail client, GMS Webspace.

Collaboration Plugin & Outlook 2016 Support:

Sharing in Outlook is easier than ever before, with GMS. Share folders, contacts, calendars and more with just a few clicks. Aesthetically improved and more user-friendly, manage and share your important data like never before with GMS. Outlook 2016 support means that this is also possible using the latest version of Outlook. GMS is optimised for use with Outlook, and so it can remain your desktop client of choice when using our solutions. Unless of course, you’d like to get a look at our new webmail client…



Our flagship client – Webspace is an integral part of GMS Cloud and is also available with our On Premise Package. It is at the forefront of our new look – our new image. Dynamic and contemporary, Webspace is a truly modern webmail client, with a flat UI, it provides core email features and promises so much more than that. Soon it will be an app, but for now, it is mobile optimised and accessible from any device with any browser. It can discretely offer cloud services to provide a focused solution.  It’s the future of GMS. Learn more about Webspace.



CalDAV is an Internet standard allowing a client to access scheduling information on a remote server

CardDAV is an address book client/server protocol designed to allow users to access and share contact data on a server.

These have both been integrated into GMS so that you can synchronize contacts, calendar, tasks between a messaging server and a mobile device, without even the need to install a new client on your device*.

It has never been simpler to take all the information you need with you, with GMS.


We’re not done yet though, and we have some more changes, innovations and surprises up our sleeve. So get in touch to learn more about the new GMS, where we are headed, and how we can help your business.