Migrating to GMS Cloud (IMAP)

When migrating your mail to GMS Cloud, you should first consider whether you wish to move all your emails, or only a subset of your email data.

This is an important consideration for two reasons; first that you may not wish to consume a large amount of your allocated storage from the outset, and second that you should consider your internet upload performance and how long it may take to migrate your data, particularly if several users are doing so at the same time.

ADSL connections have slower upload than download performance and uploading several gigabytes of email will saturate your upload and may take a long time.

When migrating using IMAP, it is better to copy the data rather than move it, as this will retain your existing account data as a backup should it be required.

To migrate your data you should perform the following steps:

  • Add your new GMS Cloud account as an IMAP account to your existing client profile
  • Select your inbox in your existing account and select the emails from that folder you wish to migrate.
  • Drag the emails to your inbox on your GMS Cloud account, holding down the “CTRL” button on your keyboard to initiate a copy, rather than a move.
  • Repeat this process for any folders that already exist in the GMS Cloud account, such as “Sent” or “Trash”.
  • For other folders that do not exist, you can select the entire folder, drag it (whilst holding down CTRL key) and drop it into the correct location in your GMS Cloud folder structure. This will migrate the entire folder.
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