What is GMS Cloud?

GMS Cloud is a cloud based email messaging service hosting a variety of productivity apps and features built expressly for small businesses and individual users as a cost-friendly alternative to Office365.

What are its features and functions?

  • A modern cloud webmail client supporting core email functionality
  • A professional and collaborative Office solution allowing you to create, edit and share a variety of document types
  • Cloud storage that's capable of supporting up to 30GB of data, including photos, videos, documents and more
  • The ability to share and manage contacts, tasks and events through address book and calendar modules
  • Integrated video conferencing equivalent to Skype for Business
  • A high level of compatibility with Microsoft Outlook
  • Accessibility through your desktop computer, laptop or smart phone
  • Full malware protection
  • Unlimited email and telephone support from a team of experienced engineers
  • GMS Webspace

    GMS Webspace is our modern, cloud webmail client providing access to all core email features and individual Cloud applications. It's a contemporary and comprehensive hub for all your productivity needs.

    With a fresh, flat UI, Webspace is optimised for ease of use and ease of access, giving you a stage on which to manage your inbox and build your Cloud content.

    You even have the option to customise your themes, preferences and layout so that your Webspace looks how you want it to look.

    GMS Drive

    GMS Drive is a cloud storage repository capable of supporting up to 30GB of data, including photos, videos, documents, PDFs and more.

    From Drive you can access your important documents wherever you are.

    Sharing has never been easier. Manage permissions and subscriptions from your browser in real-time.

    GMS Office

    GMS Office is our own fully-featured Office suite delivering a secure, professional and collaborative solution to creating, edit and managing your documents, either from your desktop or in-browser.

    GMS Office supports dozens of different file types allowing you to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

    You can even use GMS Office offline, merging any changes to your documents automatically.

    Malware Protection

    Give your business the security it deserves.

    Powered by Cyren, one of the world's leading provider's in web-based security, GMS Cloud includes Zero Hour malware protection for preventing, mitigating and identifying viruses and spam.

    With GMS, you can rest assured you're protected whether you're on your desktop computer, laptop, or your mobile device.

    Did we mention Support?

    In a world where almost anything can be provided "as a service", the "service" itself is the thing that sticks out. This is why we're committed to providing the best support possible.

    Our engineers have over three decades of cumulative experience in the field. They have all been actively involved in the development of our solutions, meaning they know the products inside out.

    We want to help you help yourselves. With our support options, you'll always be talking to real people, in real time, with real solutions to your problems.

    COMING SOON - GMS Project

    Project management made easy. GMS Project will give you all the tools you need to plan projects, manage time, allocate resources and optimise your business.


    GMS Meet allows you to host and join multi-party video conferences directly from your browser, working as a strong alternative to Skype for Business.