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Will users find the GMS Webmail interface familiar?


I want to ensure that my users adapt to using webmail easily. Will they find the GMS Webmail interface easy to adapt to?


GMS Webmail has three distinct interfaces each designed with different criteria in mind. This allows users to select the interface that is best suited to their needs or situation.

Professional Interface
The professional interface provides a rich, easy to navigate and understand interface. The interface has been hailed as a "second generation" web mail interface due to the richness of its funcionality. It provides a virtually identical experience as using a full featured modern mail client installed on the local workstation. this interface makes extensive use of Java, JavaScript and LiveConnect and supports all of the advanced features you would expect including Shared Calendars, Address books, etc.

It is designed for a minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600.


Express Interface
The express interface does not use any Java. This is a more traditional WebMail interface which is not as fully featured as the Professional interface. As a result it supports lower screen resolutions and works with all browsers. It is also ideal for use over slow internet connections.


Mobile Interface
The mobile interface is a completely different style of interface designed for use on PDAs and other small screen devices such as iMode cell phones.

Users may access their email using any of these interfaces and they can swap between interfaces as they choose. For example, they may elect to use the Professional interface at work and the Express interface at home.

Users may also use an IMAP client such as Outlook to access their mail and will see an identical view of their mail folders within this client as they will within GMS Webmail.

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