Will the U.S daylight savings change effect GMS?

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Yes. Due to the upcoming changes to the U.S daylight savings outlined in the Energy Policy Act, Daylight Savings Time will now start three weeks earlier on March 11 2007 and end one week later on November 4, 2007.

Assuming you have the patched file for your Operating System, Gordano can also provide a fix to patch the GMS Webmail and GMS Collaboration services which are both affected by this time zone change.

Version 14 of GMS will have this fix built in. Customers running Version 12 (build 3461) can install the patches below.


To understand why GMS is affected, it is important to understand how calendar items are stored. When creating a calendar item, the local time zone configuration is calculated and the given time is converted into UTC (equivalent to GMT). When a calendar item is read back the operation is reversed.

The conversion needs to take account of the time that the switch to Daylight Saving is made in order to correctly calculate the time.

Please note that although these patches will update GMS to be compliant with the new Daylight Saving directive you may also need to update any client software you use such as Outlook. Microsoft have provided a site with further information on this which you can access here.


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