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Will Gordano's Support Department remotely access my server?


I dislike the chore of having to send logs and system recovery files to Gordano’s support department, even though it helps them to investigate issues. I would prefer them to access my server using Remote Control software. Is this possible?


Gordano do not access customer’s servers remotely for several reasons. Here are four:

  1. Gordano’s system log files allow support engineers to see exactly how the customer’s system is operating. Even with remote access to the server, it would still be necessary to enable appropriate logging and then to analyze the results. This means that there is really no advantage in Gordano having remote access.
  2. The GMS recovery file allows us to replicate customer systems exactly, with an identical set up. The log files reveal the pattern of usage. With these two sets of data, the vast majority of issues sent to support can be re-created in a known environment. This simplifies problem resolution.
  3. In the interests of best management practice, it is important that those managing our software understand what changes they are making – and why they are making them. All changes to a fully functioning system should therefore be made in a controlled fashion. Once the implications of any change are understood, system managers can choose when to implement them in accordance with their users’ expectations. This could be, for example, during a regular maintenance schedule, or at a time when there are very few people using the system.
  4. Any messaging server is likely to be handling confidential material. In respecting customer confidentiality, Gordano declines direct access to a customer’s internal data. We live in an increasingly litigous world, so by not directly accessing a customer’s server, Gordano sigificantly reduces its commercial risk.

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