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Virus scanner vendors change their software on a regular basis. This means that with each new version of every virus scanner, a new range of settings must be found for that scanner. Further, the process for keeping signature files up to date may change regularly as well.

There is considerable risk that an incorrect installation of a virus scanner will cause catestrophic failures in GMS as it deletes and/or blocks access to critical files that the mail server is using. As a result, maintaining a virus scanner with VSM is challenging.

For ease of use, peace of mind and performance, GMS Anti-Virus might be a better solution. Please check out Q0392 for more information.

As of the release of Version 7 GMS Anti-Virus is the preferred and only Anti Virus software supplied by Gordano.


From version 6D (6.04.0010), Gordano have introduced an option to set up a Custom Scanner Definition. This means that any third-party scanner with the following characteristics can be used:

  • It must be command-line driven. That is, it must be possible to run the virus scanner for a particular, given file from a Command Prompt.
  • The virus scanner must output a log file with an identifyable string that indicates that a virus has been found.
  • The virus scanner must not automatically scan ANY of the Gordano directories. If the virus scanner were to remove files or block access, message delivery can be severly affected.
  • The documentation for the virus scanner must explain how to use it in command line mode.
  • The full license fee should be paid for using the scanner for a number of accounts. That is, using a single user version of the software is almost certainly breaking the Virus Scanner Vendor’s software license agreement.

Since Gordano do not support any virus scanners with VSM, we are unable to provide the correct settings for particular virus scanners. However, as customers inform us of the settings that work, we will post details in this FAQ.

NOTE: Due to reliability and performance issues, VSM has been replaced by GMS Anti-Virus which includes continous signature file upates and cleaning options.

NOTE: If you are running a third party virus scanner on your server (outwith GMS)then you must ensure that it does not scan any of the GMS directories. Scanning of the GMS directories by any third party software may have an adverse effect on the performance of the GMS software.

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