Why is the GMS tab missing from Outlook after installing the plugin?

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The GMS tab is missing from Outlook 2010 or above,  or the options to “Synchronize GMS Address Books” or “Synchronize GMS Folders” does not appear under the Tools menu in Outlook 2007 after I install the GMS Outlook plugin. How can I get it to appear?


The most common cause for this error is if the plugin installer is run from a network share.  Try uninstalling,  then moving the installer to your local computer and run it from there.

If this does not solve the problem try the steps below:

The non apperance of the menu item under the Tools menu in Outlook is due to the fact that Outlook caches the menu bar configuration. There are two options that you should try to force the menu item to appear. Please try them in order as any one may have the desired effect.

  1. Outlook under some circumstances can disable a plugin. Go to the “Help->About” menu, and select the “Disabled Items” button. If the GMS MAPI connector is listed as a disabled item, enable it then restart Outlook.
  2. EXTEND.DAT is an internal cache file used by Outlook to store paths to all DLL files used for Outlook extensions. Close Outlook and delete the extend.dat file in the hope that Outlook now see’s the GMS plugin. This is normally found under C:Documents and Settings<username>Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook – Now restart Outlook.
    The path to this file in Windows 7 is – C:Users<username>AppDataLocalMicrosoftOutlook
  3. If the above does not cause the menu item to appear you may find it necessary to also visit the Outlook Add-in Manager page, and leave it again without making any changes. The Add-in Manager page can be accessed from Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options > Add-in Manager…. Stop and then restart MS Outlook and the option should now appear.
  4. If all these fail, check for the presence of a file called “outcmd.dat” in the same location as the extend.dat file reference above. Delete this and restart Outlook.
  5. Finally, a re-install of the GMS Mapi connector should be undertaken. Re-start Outlook after installation.

If you continue to experience problems after these steps please contact support.

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