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Why is the IM Client taskbar not appearing within Outlook?


I have installed the GMS Windows IM (Instant Messenger) and it is not appearing in the taskbar within Outlook. What could be wrong?


There are a couple of reasons why this might not be available in Outlook. First of all ensure that the IM client is installed correctly, and can be run from the icon on the desktop or the windows start menu. If it does not startup then contact support or try reinstalling the client.

If it is installed then see if it is simply switched off within Outlook. Click on the View->Toolbars option and GMS Instant Messenger should have a tick next to it. If the tick is not there then click on the toolbar option to enable it.

Finally, if the GMS Instant Messenger option is not within the Toolbars list, check to see if it is disabled under Help->About Outlook under the "disabled items" button. If GMS Instant Messenger is listed here enable the option and make sure that the toolbar is enabled.

If you are still having problems please contact Gordano Support.

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