Why is "Reject Attachment Extensions" failing?

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There was a trial GMS Anti-Virus key enabled on a machine running a full GMS Anti-Spam key. The functionality specifically being trialed was the scanning of in line text. Once the trial GMS Anti-Virus key expired, the reject attachment extensions functionality ceased working. What is the cause of this?


In build 3037, the flag for the scanning of in line text was not being reset after the trial expired which caused the trouble with attachments not being properly rejected.

Builds 3075 and later no longer have this problem as it has been fixed.

To manually correct this problem, check the link below about editing system variables and change the System Variable "VScanInline" from "1" (which will be listed below the scroll box on the page) to "0". Once done, restart the SMTP service and the rejection of attachment extensions will work again.

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