Why is my updated install creating SMTP trap files?

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I updated my installation of GMS with the hotfix for the ntmvpp.dll issued by Gordano on the 27th of January 2004 to fix a high SMTP CPU usage issue. Ever since this time I have being seeing trap files created by the SMTP service. What can I do about this?


The hotfix released on the 27th January 2004 had the unfortunate side effect of causing a trap in the SMTP service when certain formats of failure messages were received. The message had originally contained a virus, this was removed by an anti-virus package and a failure message returned to the (nominal) sender of the message.

On removal of the virus a text warning was placed in the same location in the message, it is this warning and its format that was causing the issue.

We have released a further update to the ntmvpp.dll file which can be downloaded below which fixes this issue.


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