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Why is GMS so easy to use?


GMS is a particularly easy to use messaging solution. It has been designed from the ground up with the user in mind and the interface is laid out in a simple uncomplicated manner. The following features show just why Gordano and GMS are well ahead of other messaging systems.

Sensible defaults used throughout
GMS has a large number of settings that can be used to configure it. All of these come with sensible defaults. In the great majority of cases there will be no need to change them at all.

This means you can simply install GMS and set up your user accounts. You will then have a fully functioning mail server and need do nothing more. The defaults provide protection from the many security issues pertaining to
mail servers. As just one example; relay is disabled by default.

Easy familiar interface
Any changes that you do need to make to GMS can be performed through the intuitive and easy to follow administration interface. The administration interface is identical across all platforms too.

Context Sensitive Help
Every page in the administration interface is provided with a context sensitive help link. No matter where you are just click on the Lifebelt icon to get help for that particular set of items.

Full Backup and Restore options
A complete system recovery option is provided to allow you to easily recover from fatal server events such as hard disk failure, etc. Saving of the System Recovery file can be fully automated and copies can be mailed off-site for safe keeping. Restoring a failed system is simply a matter of loading the system recovery file back onto a new installation of the server.

Comprehensive Manuals
A complete range of comprehensive manuals are available guiding you through all aspects of GMS. The manuals also cover general messaging requirements such as setting up DNS records and so on, and are accompanied by a guide in programming in Mail Meta Language (MML), a proprietary scripting language specifically designed for handling Internet messages.

  • Administrators Guide – 312 pages
  • Communications Server Guide – 154 pages
  • Reference Guide – 280 pages
  • Users Guide – 140 pages
  • MML Programmers Guide – 320 pages

Free 28 Day Telephone Support
All customers are given a free 28 day telephone support contract the first time they contact Gordano Limited to help with the initial set-up and trialling of the software.

Ongoing Support Options
A comprehensive range of ongoing support options are available up to and including 24×7 telephone support. All support is provided by our own staff of highly qualified support engineers.

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