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Why is all mail rejected by Restricted Words for containing "Subject:"?


After upgrading to build 3270, all mail is rejected by Restricted words with “Subject:” as the reason. Why is this?


In build 3270, an additional matching mechanism was added to restricted words to allow for optional matches. This was fully explained in the release notes for build 3270.

As of build 3270, if characters appear in parenthesis, they are considered as optional.

For exmaple – a common RWords entry is:

Subject: (ADV)

Previously this would have matched the exact phrase, however now it will match the (ADV) optionally. This means that either:

Subject: any text here


Subject: (ADV)

are matched. As most emails contain a subject, almost all mail is matched.

To resolve this, you need to edit the "(" and ")" characters in your RWords file, and replace them with "(" and ")" respectively.

The "" character is an escape character, which means that instead of the round brackets having a special meaning that only a literal translation of any esacped characters is used.

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