Why I am unable to login to GMS after installation?

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I have installed GMS on Linux. During installation I changed the port used by the administration GUI as I have existing software running on port 8000.
Now I am unable to access the administration interface to manage the software.


The installation process has not changed the port as you requested, therefore a port conflict with your existing software has occurred. As this existing software was already bound to port 8000, the GMS configuration
server was unable to also bind to the port.

To resolve this problem you will need to open a terminal window and go to


From here type:

./mail -y

This will create a file entitled setup.txt in this directory.

You will now need to edit this file.

Look for an entry:


Where x is the port number you entered during the install.

You should amend this line to read:


You must ensure you make no other changes to this file

Save the file.
You should now stop all of the GMS services by typing:

glmail stop

Once all of the services have stopped type

./mail -yr

You will be prompted to confirm by entering YES in uppercase characters.

Restart the services by typing:

glmail start

You will now be able to log into GMS using the specified custom port.

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