Why have my address book and personalities disappeared after upgrading?

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I have just upgraded to version 7A and my virtual domain users do not have their personalities and personal address books. There is also no entry in the Local Address Book for them. How can I restore these?


There are the a number of issues that affect virtual domain users during the upgrade process these are:

  1. Personal Address Books – During the upgrade process virtual domain users may lose their personal addressbooks, these can be manually re-imported after the upgrade on a per user basis. In the gordano<domain>users<user> directory, the users addressbook entries are stored in files with a .ab extension and these files can then be imported through the GMS Webmail interface to restore them.

    To restore an address book logon as the user click on "Address books" in the GMS Webmail tree, select "My Addresses" from the list of address books and press Import. Browse to the location of the file to be imported and press OK. The .ab files will need to be on the local hard drive.

  2. Personalities – Virtual domain users may lose any additional personalities they have created, these are not retrievable and should simply be re created.

  3. Local Address Book – When the upgrade takes place virtual domain users are not automatically entered into the local address book. When the user logs on to GMS Webmail and presses the Compose button their entry is created.

Our engineers are aware of this issue which will be fixed in the next release.

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