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Why don't some of the accessory pack examples work?


There could be one of two reasons for this.

The most common reason for accessory pack items to stop working, especially if you just upgraded, is that the version you are running does not match the version of the accessory pack you are using. These must match and downloading them is free so always remember to match your accessory pack version with your build version of GMS.

The other reason could be that certain items were placed in the incorrect directory. This has been fixed however if you do have examples in the wrong place it will, of course, make following the examples more difficult. The following are areas to look for and change if you are still on a pre 3166 build using the accessory pack:

  1. binntmcom.h binntmcom_i.c are in the bin path of the Accessory pack zip. The files should be in the examplescom path. ntmcomtest.dsw also did not exist so it was not possible to build ntmcomtest.exe.
  2. smtpdll.dsp is missing so you can’t build the smptpdll project
  3. UserInformationProcess.mml did not display personalities correctly and gave a script error if you just enter username.
  1. We have checked in a new file to ntmail8comntmcomtestntmcomtest.dsw and corrected the path so everything should be correct for the COM object examples.
  2. Unfortunately buildopts.bat had a typo and when copying the smtpdll.dsp file it caused copies of this file and others to be copied to the wrong place.
  3. We have modified UserInformationProcess.mml to fix the display of personalities.

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