Why does the upgrade from v3 to v7.01.0023 fail?

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When upgrading the services fail to start and ntmmanager cannot locate the MySQL server.


Using Regedt32, check the path shown for mysqld-nt under CurrentControlSet is Gordanobinmysqld-nt.exe. If so, this is incorrect.

The correct path should be gordanomysqlbinmysqld-nt.exe
Use REGEDT32 to fix the path.

All the services should be installed manually using the "-i" option. For example, the following should be entered at the DOS prompt from the gordanobin directory:

pop -i
smtp -i
list -i
post -i
www -i
ntmmanager -i

Once this is complete, the services should all start and work correctly.

Our engineers are aware of this issue and have resolved it in version 7B available from 8-Feb-02.

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