Why does my IMAP service stop responding occasionally?

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We have received reports of the IMAP server stopping responding for no apparent reason. Apart from a DR Watson fault code address, there is nothing obvious to indicate what has caused this.


This has been brought to our attention by several of our customers. Subsequently, we have been able to successfully replicate the problem which we have determined is due to the FolderBlockSize setting used when writing messages to folders, for example during an APPEND or COPY command within IMAP.

To resolve this issue you will need to set the FolderBlockSize system variable to a new value. To do so navigate to the system variables page of the administration interface. If this is disabled, please see the article at the bottom of this page.

Add a variable named FolderBlockSize with a value of 4096. Now click on the Update button.

Please restart the IMAP server for this change to take effect.

Please note this issue will be fixed in the next release of GMS, and will not require a change to the folderblocksize variable.

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