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Why does my exported OE address book not import into GMS Webmail?


I am using Dutch language Outlook Express V5 and V6 with a Dutch language OS. I exported my address book in a comma separated text file. When I try and import it, it does not work. Why is this?


If you examine the file created, you will find that instead of separating each address book entry field with a comma (,) the export from Outlook Express Dutch Language V5 or V6 uses a semi-colon (;). As this is not a csv format, it is not understood by GMS Webmail.

This is not a fault with GMS Webmail but a fault with the Dutch-language Outlook Express export of the address book in csv format. The address book is not being exported in csv format (comma separated entries) but in a different format.

There is a work-around to get your exported address book into GMS Webmail. You need to change the semi-colons (;) to commas (,) manually in the file, save the altered file and this will enable your exported address book from Outlook Express (Dutch language) to be correctly imported into GMS Webmail.

An example of how the csv file should look when exported correctly from Outlook Express V5 follows

First Name,Last Name,Middle Name,Name,Nickname,E-mail Address,Home Street,Home City,
Home Postal Code,Home State,Home Country,Home Phone,Home Fax,Mobile Phone,
Personal Web Page,Business Street,Business City,Business Postal Code,
Business State,Business Country,Business Web Page,Business Phone,Business Fax,
Pager,Company,Job Title,Department,Office Location,Notes
John,Doe,,John Doe,,johndoe@test.dom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Jane,Doe,,Jane Doe,,janedoe@test.dom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Note that the indents indicate continuation lines, i.e. the lines are folded for presentation purposes only.

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