Why does Microsoft reject my email?

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When messages are sent to Microsoft, MSN and some other places, the following error is returned:

Your message to mail.microsoft.com was rejected.
I said:
    HELO mail.server.com.
And mail.microsoft.com responded with
    501 5.5.4 Invalid Address

What causes the error message.


Looking at the command sent by GMS or GMS Webmail, you can see that the domain name is “mail.server.com.” rather than “mail.server.com”. That is, there is an extra dot at the end of the mail server’s name.

In this case, GMS or GMS Webmail is reading your computer’s TCP/IP settings and using that information when identifying itself to other mail servers. The problem lies in the computer’s name.

In the operating system, remove the dot (.) from the end of
the domain name. The messages will now be delivered as usual.

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