Why does Internet Explorer hang for five minutes?

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When you are using any website which uses dynamic content (e.g. GMS Webmail), the IE browser hangs and stops working for five to twenty minutes. IE may give the error: "2147012894 Internet Client Error: Request Timeout" or the IE might continue correctly after the delay.

If MS Proxy is used between the website and IE6, the problem becomes more frequent.

This has been observed occasionally during the logon process with GMS Webmail.


This problem is not caused by any of Gordano’s products.

Microsoft has documented this problem in Internet Explorer in article Q279745: Internet Explorer Hangs for Five Minutes Accessing Dynamic Content in Frames. A workaround is also provided in article Q183110: INFO: WinInet Limits Connections Per Server.

With the aid of customers, Gordano have also introduced a change to the behaviour of the interface in release 3075 and higher of GMS. This is described in knowledge base article 1607.

Making the change in this article should prevent the issue from occuring any further.

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