Why does GMS Webmail sometimes fail to work through MS Proxy?

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When our users try to access their email using GMS Webmail, the IE6 browser
appears to hang. The machines with problems are all behind a MS Proxy
server, but for a machine on the other side of the proxy server it works fine.


Since the machines work one side of the MS Proxy work and those the other
side don’t, it’s reasonable to assume that there is some issue with the
proxy server. You have probably done a web search on “MS Proxy +hangs” and
already suspect that this is the case due to the thousands of articles found.

All pages served by Gordano software tell intermediate proxies not to cache
them using Internet standard commands [see RFC2616]. MS Proxy, however,
seems to ignore these standards and continues to cache the pages. Since the
pages are cached, no change necessarily takes place in IE6 and this can be
perceived as the browser hanging.

To solve the problem, switch off specific caching on the machine(s) running
the MS Proxy software. This can be done by taking the following steps:

  • Run Microsoft Management Console
  • Expand Internet Information Server node, right click Web Proxy, select

  • Click Caching tab, click Advanced… button, click “Cache Filters…” button
  • Click “Add” button to add an URL.
  • Suppose the URL for Gordano’s GMS Webmail is http://glwebmail.yourcom.com,
    you can enter glwebmail.yourcom.com/*. Select “Never Cache”, then click OK.

  • Click OK to save the changes.

Note: Gordano products are Internet standards compliant and include a proxy
server that does not suffer from this problem.

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