Why does GMS Mail send a message to details@gordano.com?

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From time to time GMS Mail sends a message to details@gordano.com, why is that?


The message containing the details of the key, the GMS Mail version and Organisation name of customers who are using the program.

An example of such a message contants is given below:

RegisteredOwner: John Doe
RegisteredOrganization: Company Name
VersionNumber: 5.05.0002
KeyID: AA0000.00.94121f1e
MachineName: MAIL
PrimaryIP: 111.222.333.444
GMS Mail: GMS Mail Demonstration
GMS List Server: GMS List Server Introduction
GMS Anti-Virus: disabled
GMS Anti-Spam: disabled

This is the sole content of the message.

The fact that this message is sent to Gordano is indicated in the license agreement:

(viii) You accept that from time to time,
GMS Mail will send details of the key installed
to Gordano Ltd and you agree not to interfere
with its delivery.

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