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Why does a variant of Bugbear get through GMS Anti-Virus


Some of my users have desktop versions of virus scanners, some of which are reporting that a variant of the BugBear virus, called BugBear.B.Dam, is getting through to their mailboxes. I have the most up to date definition files for GMS Anti-Virus but I can see the messages getting through. Why is this?


This is due to the fact that the file being scanned does not in fact contain a virus. The file had originally contained a version of he Bugbear.B virus, but this has since become corrupted and no longer carries any danger of infection. Due to the fact that the file does not contain a virus GMS Anti-Virus does not block the message.

However given that some desktop scanners do identify this as a virus, this can cause some concern to a user, and so we will be updating GMS Anti-Virus shortly to bring the behaviour in line with the desktop scanners, and block these files.

The update will be automatically retrieved by your GMS Anti-Virus system as soon as it is available, using the automatic update mechanism.

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