Why do users get an "Out of Sequence" using IMAP via Netscape?

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When using a third party mail client such Netscape, users are complaining about an "Out of sequence" error when accessing different mail folders. How can this be resolved?


Netscape attempts to use Access Control Lists (ACL’s) with any IMAP server that returns ACL to the "Capability" command. When Netscape queried the
server for the Access Control List for a particular folder and no specific Control was set, it failed to fall back to not using an ACL as it should.

This was due to the method that GMS used to return the results of the ACL query. Builds 3088 and later are not affected by this issue and return the result of the ACL query in a format understood by Netscape.

If you are running on a build prior to 3088 you can configure GMS to return this command successfully. To do this you must edit a system variable.

Use the "See Also" section below for further assistance on this.

When you have accessed the System Variables page, choose IMAPACL from the white listbox. Change the value of this variable to equal 0.
Then Update.

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