Why do some mail messages come from Null?

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With version 3, some messages come from NULL@company.dom. An address such as fred@company.com might be preferred. How can this be changed? This does not affect version 4 onwards.


The List Header file or the Auto Responder file can be used to substitute whatever you want in the From field:

or add a Reply To field:

See the GMS List Server and GMS Mail manuals for details.

But use this with caution – GMS Mail puts null in the address for a good reason. Imagine what would happen if your Auto Responder or List message went to another Auto Responder or a Holiday message. Thousands of mail messages would be generated as the Auto responders replied to each other, or mail messages were posted to the List, over and over!

The null address breaks the loop by allowing GMS Mail to dispose of any replies from Auto Responders and unwanted List replies.

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