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Why do mail clients not respond to changes in files on the disk?


I have written a program to access GMS message store directly and display the contents of mail messages and their status. I have noticed that the INDEX file is clearly indicating that I have RECENT messages available.

After access via IMAP4 the message the index file does not get updated until I close the appropriate mailbox folder window that contains this mail.

As a result, the INDEX file on the server still reports the message I have just read as being unread and my program provides the wrong information.

Why is this?


Managing the messaging server’s internal files without using a standard protocol is highly dangerous and likely to cause GMS software to fail in unexpected ways. Such programs and their effects are not supported by Gordano.

If you wish to discover which messages have or have not been read, please use the IMAP protocol directly. This will ensure future compatability with all GMS software and other messaging services.

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